Recent Works


Food Fight

Edible Southwest Colorado

Spring 2017

When he raised his hand to threaten her, I lost it. All at once it wasn’t Natalia, the 7-year-old girl for whom I was a newly arrived nanny in Alicante, Spain, being yelled at by her grandfather to eat her fish filet, but me. My child self, sitting at a different family table with a different plate in front of her.

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The pain inside

Raven Narratives living storytelling

May 2016

In the battle against alcoholism, not all of us make it. Story told May, 21, 2016 at the Durango Arts Center.


Divining Christmas past

Durango Herald

December 2016

First, I have a confession to make. This article is about making divinity candy, but truth is, as a kid I didn’t really care for the stuff. In my opinion, anything without chocolate was fatally flawed. What I did love was the person who made it, my grandmother Lucille.